Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why My Pussy Is Talking To Me

Once you get to know me you realize I have a high sex drive. You can blame it on my age and my supposed sexual peak but I've always been this way. The only time in my life I tamed it down was with my husband and that was only because he refused to have sex with me public places or moving vehicles once we said, "I do." Before we said our vows he was an amazing lover. We were always ready for eachother and were constantly sneaking away for quickies or staying up all night tearing up the house with a savage romp in every room. It was frustrating being married to that man as he controlled our sex life completely. It was never spontaneous, it was never crazy, wild, sweaty, toe curling, beastly fucking. If I was too loud or tried throwing in a new position to our routine it seemed to confuse him. When I tried discussing what I considered to be issues I was made to feel like a nymphomaniac who only cared about freaky sex.

When you're used to getting it and then it's taken away you still want it. That's the way it goes. One day I came home from work to find he had beat me there and had started dinner. He looked amazing and I was instantly aroused. I wanted nothing more than to wrap my lips around his penis and taste all of him.

He said no. That was the beginning of the end for the lust he had for me. From then on it was always when he wanted it, on his terms.

I've mourned our relationship long enough. I know this because my pussy told me so.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What Started This Phase

My best bet is to start at what started this new phase of my existence. Fairly recently I separated from my husband. He was having an affair with a woman ten years my junior. He, of course, has seen the error of his ways and wants to continue this marriage. How can you trust someone after an affair of all things? I was thinking I could probably forgive and forget if it was a one night stand, if he had slipped up while out drinking with the boys or some shit like that. It was so far from that I still get twinges of anger when I think back on it.

It was a huge slap to the face to find out she was chunky and plain. I always figured if I was ever going to cheat I'd upgrade. I'd pick the most handsome of men with the sexiest, fit body that would wrap around me and bring me to multiple orgasms and near blindness. To have him chose her over the stunning girl I am fucked with my mind for a bit. Until the next day when I was hit on by a boy of 23. Hey, it was my ego that was hurt. Not my entire self-esteem. I'm not completely through the healing process but I'm not dead.

It's been only recently that things have gotten a little nutty in my world. I've moved past a big chunk of the emotional crap to venturing out and seeing what I've been missing out on. It's a bit too interesting to share with everyone other than my one girlfriend (who still doesn't know everything) who is as dirty as me and a blog, with anonymous readers.